Round Dog Mat Round Dog Mat
Amazon Alley Round Dog Mat from $19.99 $22.99
Bring out the royalty in your pet with our luxurious and contemporary Round Dog Mat. It is made of a really soft velvet material, which can improve the sleeping quality of your pets.
Wind Mill Cat Toy Wind Mill Cat Toy
Amazon Alley Wind Mill Cat Toy $25.99 $29.99
 With the Wind Mill Cat Toy, you don't have to worry about keeping your cat occupied; this interactive toy keeps your cat busy and active with the spinning windmill design while the centerpiece doubles as a self-grooming aid. This toy will not only keep cats engaged for hours, but it will also help prevent anxiety and behavioral problems by keeping them mentally stimulated.
Pooch Snuffle Mat Pooch Snuffle Mat
Amazon Alley Pooch Snuffle Mat $149.99 $173.00
That wet nose is in for a treat! Keep your pooch busy for hours with this puzzle toy. Compartments can be used for food. Increase IQ, use in training plan or just for fun time. 
Waterproof Winter Dog Jacket (Harnessed) Waterproof Winter Dog Jacket (Harnessed)
Amazon Alley Waterproof Winter Dog Jacket (Harnessed) from $28.99 $38.99
Big dogs need warmth too! An essential garment on fridged winter days. The built-in harness helps maintain control through the snow and sleet. You'll both feel better with it on.
Electric Pet Food Scale
Amazon Alley Electric Pet Food Scale $33.99 $40.00
You think you can measure your pet’s food with just 1 scoop? You are underestimating their appetite. Get this electric pet food scale that will allow you to accurately measure the food you are feeding your fur baby.
Pet Nail Clippers with Light Pet Nail Clippers with Light
Amazon Alley Pet Nail Clippers with Light $22.99 $26.99
If you are looking for a pet nail clipper, this is the one. Our pet nail clipper has a built-in LED light which helps you see your pet's nails even in dark areas. It also has stainless steel blades which make it easier to clip your pet's nails.
Matching Pet Shirt Matching Pet Shirt
Amazon Alley Matching Pet Shirt from $31.99 $41.99
We all know that pets are family too! Why not go that extra step to match owner and pet with these adorable matching pet shirts? We have a variety of styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you and your furry friend.
Dog Puzzle Interactive Treat Bowl Dog Puzzle Interactive Treat Bowl
Amazon Alley Dog Puzzle Interactive Treat Bowl $19.99 $22.99
Bored dogs need engaging activities to help them relieve their anxiety. Our interactive treat bowl is a fun and healthy boredom buster to keep your dog entertained. Fill the puzzle with your dogs favourite snacks, and watch them work their way through the treat puzzle for a reward at the end!                      
Pet Broom Pet Broom
Amazon Alley Pet Broom $39.99 $45.99
Stop sweeping pet hair around your home and start sweeping it away. The Pet Broom was designed to easily pick up pet hair, dander & dust from all hard surfaces. It's even safe for use on delicate surfaces like wood floors, tile, and stairs. The hair will be gone without a trace, so you don't have to worry about baring your carpets and furniture to the vacuum cleaner. Ultra light weight, which makes it perfect for travelling or for those who live in high-rise apartments or condos. Perfect solution for homeowners with pets that shed fur. Should we say more?
Modern Dog Bag Holder Modern Dog Bag Holder
Amazon Alley Modern Dog Bag Holder $22.99 $26.99
Nobody wants to talk about it, but dog poop bags are a necessity for any dog owner. Why not make the process easier with the modern dog bag holder, an easy way to keep all of your dog waste clean and organized. Features: - Smooth pocket mouth can be used safely. - The poop bag is leak-proof, and it is easy to clean pet feces outdoors. - The metal carabiner is not easy to break and can be fixed on the belt
Pet Bowl Feeder with Water Dispenser Pet Bowl Feeder with Water Dispenser
Amazon Alley Pet Bowl Feeder with Water Dispenser $35.99 $45.99
The Pet Bowl Feeder with Water Dispenser is a must have for pet owners. It has multiple functions such as dry and wet food separation, easy assembly and automatic water storage. It can also feed two pets at the same time. For both cats and dogs
Cozy Plush Cat Bed Cozy Plush Cat Bed
Amazon Alley Cozy Plush Cat Bed from $33.99 $44.99
Cats love to sleep and they deserve to have a nice, comfortable and quality sleep. They deserve the Cozy Plush Cat Bed. The Cozy Plush Cat Bed is something your cat will definitely love. It can also be used for dogs. The Cozy Plush Cat Bed is made with soft plush material that makes your pet warm and comfortable.
Foldable Pet Food Storage Foldable Pet Food Storage
Amazon Alley Foldable Pet Food Storage $127.99 $170.99
Get your pet's food secured with the Foldable Pet Food Storage. The Foldable Pet Food Storage is a perfect item to store your pet's food. It has a foldable design for you to maximize or minimize space or storage. It has a moisture-proof seal that protects the food from getting stale and infested by pests. It also has roller wheels under it to make it easy to move around.
Personalized Dog Toy Basket Personalized Dog Toy Basket
Amazon Alley Personalized Dog Toy Basket $43.99 $57.99
Dog's love toys and seeing them play with them is adorable but toys just get scattered around after they play with it. You need the Personalized Dog Toy Basket to store and organize your dog's toys. You can also put your dog's name in the basket to indicate that the stuff in there belongs to him/her. The Personalized Dog Toy Basket can be also used to store your pet's clothes, leash and can even be used as a Kids toys basket. Note: Please leave name/letters for Personalized Dog Toy Basket at Comments/Additional Notes box located at your Cart. (Click Cart then View Cart)
Expandable Pet Carrier Expandable Pet Carrier
Amazon Alley Expandable Pet Carrier $162.99 $190.00
Most pet carriers are too cramped and tight, leaving cats uncomfortable and scared. But the Expandable Pet Carrier is the opposite of that. The Expandable Pet Carrier is the perfect carrier for your pet. It can be expanded to create more space and make your pet more comfortable and move around. The carrier also has a soft dual side inner pad that allows to lie down, sleep and sit comfortably. The Expandable Pet Carrier has a solid structure support that makes it not easy to collapse. It is also foldable which makes it easier to carry. Upgraded Version The material is upgraded, and the durable non-irritating odor material is used. The breathable mesh is upgraded, and the thickened breathable mesh is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The upgraded shoulder strap is more comfortable, and the frame of the pet carrier is more stable and not easily deformed. Breathable and Safe The breathable net design allows pets to observe the surrounding environment well, which can effectively reduce pets' anxiety and make them more comfortable during travel. No matter when or where you use it, it gives your pet good protection. Expandable  This is a soft and expandable pet bag with more space. And this pet bag also has an adjustable and non-slip shoulder strap for easy carrying and storage. The comfortable wool pet mattress can be completely removed and machine washed.
Modern Cat Scratch Ball Modern Cat Scratch Ball
Amazon Alley Modern Cat Scratch Ball from $38.99 $51.99
Is your cat always scratching on your furniture, clothes and shoes and leaves a scratch marks on it? It's natural for cats to scratch on anything they find to scratch to. It's natural but not ok as it will leave scratch marks and destroy the things that they scratch on to. That's why we have the Modern Cat Scratch Ball for you. The Modern Cat Scratch Ball is made of wood and rope. It has a ball of rope that your cat can scratch on to and rolls as they scratch it. It provides fun and satisfaction for your cat's natural scratching instinct that will leave your furniture protected.  Features: Furniture Protection - Your cat can easily grind its paws, prevent him/her from scratching your floor, sofa, cushions and furniture. Attract Cat's Attention - Attract your cats to play, bring joy to them, Protect your furniture from getting scratch marks and satisfy cat's natural scratching instinct. Easy to Install - Simple to operate. Made of solid wood and hemp rope material, recyclable, wear-resistant. Simple, fashionable and versatile - Made of natural wood and the modern furniture.
Dog Chew Toothbrush Dog Chew Toothbrush
Amazon Alley Dog Chew Toothbrush from $15.99 $19.99
Looking for a toy for your dog and something that can clean your his/her teeth?  You can have that both in the Dog Chew Toothbrush. The Dog Chew Toothbrush is a perfect chew toy for your dog that has bristles in it to help clean your dog's teeth. It is safe for your dogs teeth and gums. It does multi-tasking in making your dog have fun while brushing his/her teeth!.
Dog Slow Feeder Dog Slow Feeder
Amazon Alley Dog Slow Feeder $25.99 $30.00
Does your dog have health problems such as eating fast, obesity and indigestion?  The Dog Slow Feeder will definitely help. The Dog Slow Feeder is designed to be gentle on your dog's mouth and gums. It helps your dog by slowing down eating and reduces bloat. It also comes with different fun shapes. The Dog Slow Feeder is definitely a perfect health present for your dogs!
Deep Sleep Cozy Cat Bed Deep Sleep Cozy Cat Bed
Amazon Alley Deep Sleep Cozy Cat Bed from $42.99 $50.00
We all know cats are the most chill creatures on planet Earth. They sleep 18–20 hours a day, play when they feel like it, and are self-sufficient enough to do without any help from us. So, how can you get your cat to relax? The answer is simple: give her a cozy place to sleep! Keep her warm and snuggled with the Deep Sleep Cozy Cat Bed. Made with ultra-soft plush materials, this bed is sure to become your cat’s new favorite spot in the house.
Custom Pet Identification Tags Custom Pet Identification Tags
Amazon Alley Custom Pet Identification Tags from $22.99 $26.40
Ever imagined if your pet got lost? You wouldn't dream of it right? Not trying to make you feel bad, but what if it happened? What are you gonna do? To deal with your pet getting lost, the Custom Pet Identification Tag is here to help you. It is customized and you can put your pet's name on it and also your phone number. And if your pet got lost, people who found him will be able to know his/her name and your phone number to contact you. So what are you waiting for? Gotta get it now! Note: Please leave name and phone number for Custom Pet Identification Tags at Comments/Additional Notes box located at your Cart. (Click Cart then View Cart)
Retractable Dual Dog Leash Retractable Dual Dog Leash
Amazon Alley Retractable Dual Dog Leash $59.99 $78.99
Having to walk two dogs on a leash at a time? It's tiring isn't it, especially if you use each of your two hands to each leashes ? No worries! We got the best solution for that problem. Say hello to the Retractable Dual Dog Leash. With this, you can be able to walk two of your dogs with ease. You can be able to walk your dogs with this with only one hand. It is also retractable and has a quick-lock and unlock feature, easy roll on and off with your thumb
automatic cat feeder cat feeder
Amazon Alley All In One Pet Feeder $39.99 $53.99
Too busy to feed your adorable pet cat? No worries! The All In One Cat Feeder will do it for you! You can store the cat food in the All in One Cat Feeder and it automatically discharges more food down as food lowers level in the bowl dip. The pet food bowl is also made of PC material, is non-toxic and durable. It is also easy to wash and clean and have removeable parts design to allow easy access for effective cleaning of its different components.            Features: The high-quality PP material is durable and smooth. The lid is removable, which is convenient to replenish food or water and clean. The anti-slip bottom makes it stable for the dog when eating. Adopting the gravity design, it is automatic and does not need electricity, which is very safe. The food dispenser and waterer are together , Water and food can be fed in the same way, easy and convenient
Cat Window Hammock Cat Window Hammock
Amazon Alley Cat Window Hammock from $54.99 $64.00
 If you own a cat, you know they love to sit by the window and watch the birds fly by. Well, with this cat window hammock your feline friend can hang out by the window and not worry about falling off or falling down. Our cat hammocks come in many different colors and patterns so you can find your favorite.
Hot Dog Pet Costume Hot Dog Pet Costume
Amazon Alley Hot Dog Pet Costume from $22.99 $29.99
Your dog will be the talk of the town when you take them for a stroll wearing this fun and attractive Hot Dog Pet Costume. The great thing about this costume is that it is not only a great way to have a bit of fun but it is also a practical way to keep your pet warm during those cold winter months. The Hot Dog Pet Costume will turn your dog into the cutest hot dog imaginable.
Personalized Minimalist Dog Collar Personalized Minimalist Dog Collar
Amazon Alley Personalized Minimalist Dog Collar from $26.99 $35.99
In a world full of flashy dog collars, it’s important to find something that will set your pup apart from the pack. That’s why we created this Personalized Minimalist Dog Collar. Minimal in design yet versatile in utility, your pooch can wear it casually or dress it up for a night on the town. We can engrave any name or short phrase onto this one-of-a-kind collar, so you and your pet will be an unforgettable pair! Note: Please leave name for Personalized Minimalist Dog Collar at Comments/Additional Notes box located at your Cart. (Click Cart then View Cart)
Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Tennis Ball Launcher
Amazon Alley Dog Tennis Ball Launcher $266.99 $354.99
 Do you have a dog that loves fetch? Then check this out! The Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is the coolest new toy for any dog. Simply place a tennis ball into the launcher, pull back on the handle and watch as your dog goes crazy for this fun new toy. Your dog will go nuts over the Dog Tennis Ball Launcher!
Paws Mitten Paws Mitten
Amazon Alley Paws Mitten $25.99 $30.00
Cats start purring and dogs turn belly up when you throw this pet brush and massager on. It's a great tool on shampoo day. Excellent for hair removal, but all they know is you're making them smile.
Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toy Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toy
Amazon Alley Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toy from $27.99 $32.99
Have a dog who needs a new toy? We've got you covered. Our Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toy is a fun and safe way to help your pooch improve dental health while having fun at the same time.