Custom Tote Bag Custom Tote Bag
Amazon Alley Custom Tote Bag $21.99 $25.99
What's better way to show your appreciation than giving a customized tote bag? They're affordable enough for virtually any budget, and can be used for almost any occasion. Customized tote bags make excellent giveaways for fundraisers or charity events, trade shows and conferences, retail stores, and other venues where carrying items is convenient.
3D Sculpted Body Candle 3D Sculpted Body Candle
Amazon Alley 3D Sculpted Body Candle $18.00 $20.99
Bring life, love, sensuality and passion to any room with this 3D sculpted body candle. Beautifully crafted to give the illusion of a real woman, every curve is defined in pure wax and covered in floral fragrant oils. This decorative candle piece is a must have for any collection.
Fridge Odor Eliminator Fridge Odor Eliminator
Amazon Alley Fridge Odor Eliminator $68.99 $80.00
Brand Name: YOUPINOrigin: CN(Origin)Certification: NONEProduct Name: Eraclean Refrigerator DeodorizerProduct Model: CW-B01Rated Voltage: 5VDCCharging Time: 2hBattery Capacity: 800mAhNet Weight: About 70gFeature1: Mini CompactFeature2: USB ChargingFeature3: Food PreservationFeature4: Degradation Of Pesticide Residues
Veggie Multi-Slicer Veggie Multi-Slicer
Amazon Alley Veggie Multi-Slicer $87.99 $102.00
You'll love Veggie Multi-Slicer because it slices veggies, fruit, and cheese. Whatever your needs are, Veggie Multi-Slicer will cut them all. It's the only slicer you'll need in your kitchen.
Trendy Fuzzy Slippers Trendy Fuzzy Slippers
Amazon Alley Trendy Fuzzy Slippers $79.99 $91.99
If you're looking for winter footwear that will keep your feet warm and fuzzy, then Trendy Fuzzy Slippers are just right for you. These slippers are designed to fit any size feet with their stretchable fabric and come in different patterns. From fuzzy to furry, they've got you covered!
Modern Brush Scrubber Modern Brush Scrubber
Amazon Alley Modern Brush Scrubber $22.99 $26.99
Say goodbye to the days of scrubbing dishes with a frustrating sponge! Modern Brush Scrubber washes dishes at a rate of 3x faster than traditional items. Its durable long-lasting bristles scrape off food particles, so you never have to worry about dirty dishes again.  Features: Nylon ball brush Easy grip/handle Durable Effectively removes stains from dishes, pans, etc.
Rapid Drying Hair Towel Rapid Drying Hair Towel
Amazon Alley Rapid Drying Hair Towel $25.99 $30.00
Drying hair with a towel can cause breakage and excessive heat damage. The Rapid Drying Hair Towel helps hair dry faster and more evenly, reduces frizz and leaves hair feeling soft and silky. Features: Absorbent Fabric Soft and Comfortable Durable How to use: 1. Bend to make your hair hang down, put on hair towel on top of head (the end with button)2. Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel3. Pull up the secure loop across your head and fix it under the secure button.
Eclectic Throw Blanket Eclectic Throw Blanket
Amazon Alley Eclectic Throw Blanket from $127.99 $170.00
Eclectic Throw Blanket is a stylish and affordable blanket that is perfect for stylish and modern-living. The idea behind the Eclectic Throw Blanket is to keep your living space looking chic and lively through the changing seasons. Having a throw blanket with a gorgeous design will allow you to uplift the mood in any room, as well as any day of the year!
Pet Broom Pet Broom
Amazon Alley Pet Broom $39.99 $45.99
Stop sweeping pet hair around your home and start sweeping it away. The Pet Broom was designed to easily pick up pet hair, dander & dust from all hard surfaces. It's even safe for use on delicate surfaces like wood floors, tile, and stairs. The hair will be gone without a trace, so you don't have to worry about baring your carpets and furniture to the vacuum cleaner. Ultra light weight, which makes it perfect for travelling or for those who live in high-rise apartments or condos. Perfect solution for homeowners with pets that shed fur. Should we say more?
Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher
Amazon Alley Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher $22.99 $26.99
Sometimes, the drain is the only thing that stands between you and a full house. Keep it from getting clogged with this simple DIY project. We've created an easy-to-install hair catcher that'll trap any hair that might otherwise end up in your plumbing system, where it can cause a big problem. This product will make you happy without a doubt!                     Features Push-on design - Water can be stored to wash something when closed, and water can be drained and filtered after pressing, which is convenient to use. Swirl Shape Design - Speed up drainage without accumulating water TPR Material - Soft and not deformable, easy to clean  Easy to Install - It is effortless to install anywhere you wish, fits most standard sinks and drains. While removing, just grab it out of the sinks and drains. Simply wipe or rinse with mild soap to clean. Can be used on a variety of places - Wildly applicable for the most outlet of sinks, showers, or tub drain. These silicone sink filter plug can be used in the bathroom drains, bathtub drains, kitchens sink, shower room, laundry, and anywhere you want to stop and trap debris.
Fuzzy Slides Fuzzy Slides
Amazon Alley Fuzzy Slides $33.99 $40.00
Who wants to wear shoes around the house? No one. Good thing we have Fuzzy Slides! These soft, fuzzy slides are perfect for slipping on while you're lounging on the couch, getting ready in the bathroom, or even while you're cooking in the kitchen.  Stylish Upper Design - A stylish shoe design that is made with good taste and detail to make it stand out.   Soft, Warm & Comfortable - Soft, plushy padding for optimum comfort. High-Quality Rubber Sole - Sole made from high-quality rubber that provides silent comfort and non-slip properties for any surface, even those slippery wet ones
Daisy Throw Pillow Daisy Throw Pillow
Amazon Alley Daisy Throw Pillow from $25.99 $29.00
In a world where you can buy anything, this is the only throw pillow that really matters. This flower shaped throw pillow will show your love for nature and being relaxed all day! Features: 1. Material: Made of high quality Plush and PP cotton. Soft fabric, , non-toxic and safety.2. Exquisite workmanship: The filling is full, the resilience is strong, and it is not easy to deform. The wiring is fine and neat, beautiful and durable. Easy to clean.3. Lovely flower shape design, convenient to carry and store.4. Suitable for office chair, car seat, wheelchair, any chair at home or at the seat in a bus, plane or train. Lean against the back of the waist to reduce the pressure on the waist and relax the body or directly use as a cushion.
Shot Dispenser Shot Dispenser
Amazon Alley Shot Dispenser $21.99 $28.99
It's pretty inconvenient passing around the beverage bottle with your friends during your drinking session. Make it easier and save time with the Shot Dispenser! The Shot Dispenser allows you to fill up multiple shot glasses at once, saving you from the trouble of having to pass the drink around with your friends. The Shot Dispenser is great for parties, bars and home bars. Let's your enjoy your wine time more!  
Rotating Phone Stand Rotating Phone Stand
Amazon Alley Rotating Phone Stand $24.99 $28.99
It's difficult to take videos or pictures of yourself with your phone when your alone isn't it?  You would always have difficulties in placing the right angles and the phone usually falls down that might cause some damage to it. If you're a person who loves to take videos and photos of yourself then the Rotating Phone Stand is for you! The Rotating Phone Stand has a 360 degree rotation feature that enables you to adjust your phone horizontally and vertically, making it easier to shoot selfies, take videos, watch movies, etc. It is also portable and can be used in your desk, office, nightstand, or kitchen counter. Features: PORTABLE: This metal cell phone finger ring holder back stand is 360 degree rotation and 180 degree folding, you can use it in your desk, office desktop, nightstand, kitchen counter. ADJUSTABLE: It also can be adjusted arbitrarily, supporting the mobile phone horizontally and vertically when you are shooting selfies, watching movies, making video chat, etc. ADHESIVE: With sticky tape, this universal flexible foldable cell phone holder can be firmly sticked to the phone case. It provide strong and durable viscosity and can withstand temperature up to 120°C+. 3 IN 1 MULTI-TASKING: This extendable vertical phone holder is versatile, can be used as a desk phone stand, also compatible with your magnetic car mount while driving. Besides, when you are in a crowded place or holding a lot of things, you can grip metal finger ring grip kickstand to prevent the phone from losing. WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This multifunctional sturdy phone loop finger holder is suitable for most smartphones on the market.Just need to attach cell phone finger ring holder to a flat and smooth surface.
Electric Mug Warmer Electric Mug Warmer
Amazon Alley Electric Mug Warmer $39.99 $46.00
No need to worry about having your coffee or tea getting cold! It's annoying to have your hot drink get cold, but you don't have to deal with that problem anymore because the Electric Mug Warmer will change it all!  The Electric Mug Warmer is used to warm beverages such as coffee, tea, etc. It keeps drinks warm. It has 3 different temperature options for you to choose the preferred temperature for your beverage. It is easy to use and USB rechargeable. You can charge with your laptop, computer or anything that has a USB port.
Modern Silicone Lunch Containers Modern Silicone Lunch Containers
Amazon Alley Modern Silicone Lunch Containers from $19.99 $26.99
The Modern Silicone Lunch Containers are made of food-grade, silicone material. They are soft, safe and non-toxic. They are also leak proof, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Fantastic for picnics, office, school, etc.
Home Air Purifier Home Air Purifier
Amazon Alley Home Air Purifier $133.99 $155.00
Are you sneezing a lot at home lately? Allergic to pets? Home Air Purifier will save your worries. The Home Air Purifier helps in getting rid of airborne bacteria, dirt and dust in your home that can cause illnesses or diseases. It can also get rid of smoke, pollen and dander. It allows you to have better breathing and a healthier and safer home.  Capture 99.97 % of Airborne particles Pollen Dust Smoke Hair Bacteria Dander Easy To Install 1. Flip it upside down and remove the filter cover2. Install the filter3. Place the cover on the purifier How to use: 1. Press Once - Turn on the purifier and light one. 2. Press Twice - Press it again for Sleep Mod, half of light off, and it will turn off automatically after 8 hours use. 3. Press Thrice - Turn off the purifier. 4.Press Four times  - Stop Running.
Easy Sushi Making Machine Easy Sushi Making Machine
Amazon Alley Easy Sushi Making Machine $19.99 $22.99
Make Sushi making easy with the Easy Sushi Making Machine!  If you are craving for sushi, you don't have to order anymore because you can make it at home! The Easy Sushi Making Machine is designed to make perfect sushi. It helps wrapping the sushi quick and easy and for you not to have the trouble of messing up. It is made of high-quality, durable and non-toxic material. It is the best and perfect gift to any sushi lover! Features: Specially designed to make perfect sushi. Practical with stylish design. High quality pp resin material, durable, non-toxic, safe and tasteless. Detachable, easy to disassemble and clean. Handle with nonslip projection design, not easy to slip when use, more convenient to make sushi.  
Food Storage Vacuum Sealer Food Storage Vacuum Sealer
Amazon Alley Food Storage Vacuum Sealer from $40.00 $46.00
Make your food fresher and last longer with the help of the Food Storage Vacuum Sealer! The Storage Vacuum Sealer helps in making food fresher by helping seal the plastic storage to where the food is stored. Not only do you guarantee to consume fresh food but it also allows you to prevent food from freezer burn, mold and spoil, not to mention reducing spoilage and extending the life of your food.
Silicone Dish Sponge Silicone Dish Sponge
Amazon Alley Silicone Dish Sponge $22.99 $26.99
Tired of using the same old sponge that deteriorates easily? Make dishwashing even better with the Silicone Dish Sponge. The Silicone Dish Sponge is made of food grade silicone. The soft yet thick bristles are safe to use on dishes, pots, pans and other food contact materials. The bristles are thick yet soft that can give your dishes an effective and thorough cleaning. The Silicone Dish Sponge can last a long time than a regular sponge. No need to replace sponge every week! ✅ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Made of food grade silicone, these softly-bristled brushes are safe for use on dishes, pots, pans and other food contact materials. The sponges do not absorb water and are porous, thus preventing bacterial growth and the resulting unpleasant odor. Each sponge is made of 100% odorless silicone and no other chemical composition. It’s simply the best sponge to clean any kitchenware. ✅ POWER CLEAN – The Silicone Sponge features thick yet soft bristles for a thorough clean. No need to worry about leaving scratches on fancy tableware and cookware like abrasive steel wool pads. The sponges can be easily maneuvered to reach awkward curves and corners of cups, glasses and whatnot. This kitchen gadget can also give fruits and vegetables a good scrub down without damaging thin rinds. Note: not recommended for light washing. ✅ EASY MAINTENANCE – This antibacterial dishwashing sponge can be easily rinsed with water and machine washed. Or for a more disinfecting cleanup, place it in the dishwasher and hang the tab onto a hook to dry out. Yes, it’s guaranteed dishwasher safe! The heat resistant silicone allows the sponge to withstand being placed in boiling water without being deformed. Temperature range is -60℃ to 230℃ or -76℉ to 500℉. ✅ INEXPENSIVE AND ECONOMICAL - It’s time to say goodbye to your flimsy dish scrubber. Replace it now with the high-quality silicone sponge. Grease and food particles that stick to regular sponges can help accelerate its deterioration. Since residue can’t easily cling to silicone bristles, the silicone dish brushes can last a long time. No more sponge replacement every week. Bye-bye old dish scrubber!
Digital Measuring Spoons Digital Measuring Spoons
Amazon Alley Digital Measuring Spoons $20.99 $25.00
If you love cooking, it's important for you to have the exact measurement of the weight of your ingredients and that's why the Digital Measuring Spoon is the one you need. The Digital Measuring Spoon is a spoon that accurately measures food weight. It has a high precision strain gauge sensor system that is capable to read weight from 0.1 gram to 500 gram capacity. It can hold both solid and liquid. Can be used for: Cooking & Baking Coffee, tea and spices Dog / Cat Food Medicines and Vitamins Baby Food Liquid Seasoning
Modern Decanter Modern Decanter
Amazon Alley Modern Decanter $170.99 $200.00
Make your drinking sessions more classy with the Modern Decanter. The Modern Decanter is composed of a glass pitcher and cups that have a stylish and classy design. It is made with Borosilicate glass. The pitcher is widely used for water, tea, juice, milk, wine, cocktail, cold-brewed coffee, etc. The large round opening design makes it smoother for the water to flow when poured. The pitcher also has a log ball stopper that covers it and prevents the dust and dirt to fall on the drink.
Baby Wardrobe Dividers Baby Wardrobe Dividers
Amazon Alley Baby Wardrobe Dividers from $22.99 $26.99
The Baby Wardrobe Dividers are cute and a perfect gift for mothers. It has cute animal designs and are derived from natural wood. It can help you better distinguish your baby's clothes. They can also be used as props for baby photography and can be a meaningful memory for you and your baby. Features: Made from Natural Wood Light weight Manually polished
Fish Scale Remover Fish Scale Remover
Amazon Alley Fish Scale Remover $24.99 $28.99
Save time and energy by not having to clean up the mess of removing fish scales with the Fish Scale Remover! The Fish Scale Remover can help you prepare your fish effortlessly without creating any mess. The scraper is sharp and tough and makes removing fish scales quick and easy.                           
Smiley Face Floor Mat Smiley Face Floor Mat
Amazon Alley Smiley Face Floor Mat from $36.99 $50.00
Let yourself be reminded to smile always with this Smiley Face Floor Mat! This Smiley Face Bath Mat is made of polyester. It is soft, comfortable, environment-friendly, moisture absorbent and feels good under your feet. It can be also used as a bath mat. It is perfect for drying up your feet after a bath and also a perfect design for your home! Features:1. Material: The carpet is made of polyester. It is soft, comfortable, Skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and moisture-absorbing.2. Non-slip: The carpet is non-slip design, wear-resistant and step-resistant, with non-slip bottom to protect the floor.3. Easy to Cleaning: The door mat are quick and easy to clean, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, or it can be washed with water or machine washed directly.4. Unique Design: Door mat were printed with unique and stylish patterns. A beautiful and creative way to decor your home when keeping clean.5. Occasions: The door mat is used as outside and inside front door mat, garage mat, bedroom mat, entrance way mat, doorway mat, laundry mat, patio mat, office mat, etc.
Plant Based Kitchen Cleaning Tools Plant Based Kitchen Cleaning Tools
Amazon Alley Plant Based Kitchen Cleaning Tools $33.99 $40.00
Be eco-friendly by having and using this Plant Based Cleaning Tools! This Plant Based Cleaning Tools are made from sustainable harvested And renewable bamboo. It is perfect for cleaning kitchenware such as pans, skillets, dishes, and woks.  Features:- These brushes are not only used for Kitchen usage but also can be used in various other surfaces. - Feel free to use these brushes to clean your Bathroom Sink, Gas Range, Vegetable       skin cleaning, Bathroom Tub, Dishwasher, Dog Crate Base cleaning, floor and any   other areas you feel like to use - Our Bamboo brushes are made using high quality Bamboo from the woods . The     bristles are dense and strong enough to clean almost any surface for long time - Our Bamboo brushes are crafted with lots of testing keeping in mind the ergonomical issues and challenges. Keeps hands out of water and your hands will never pain using these brushes Cleaning Instructions: Clean with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry completely after washing. Do not submerge in water for long periods of time. Do not place in dishwasher.  
2 in 1 Egg Boiler and Fryer Egg Frying Pan
Amazon Alley 2 in 1 Egg Boiler and Fryer from $16.99 $20.00
Cook delicious eggs and meals with this 2 in 1 Egg Boiler and Fryer! The 2 in 1 Boiler and Fryer can cook up to 7 eggs at a time easily. Not only you can cook eggs with the 2 in 1 Boiler and Fryer, but you can also cook meat, rice, dumpling and a lot more dishes with it. It has a good compact design, can save time and energy, safe and easy to clean. The round design of the non-stick coated pan distributes the heat evenly and allows healthy cooking. Features: Non-stick coating Easy to use Anti-scalding handle Steam and frying, multi-function Food grade contact material
Silicone Food Lids Silicone Food Lids
Amazon Alley Silicone Food Lids from $27.99 $32.99
Food storage has never been so easy! Turn any bowl, plate, or pan into a food storage container with these silicone lids. They are flexible, therefore and are non-breakable These lids are great for storing leftovers or prepping meals during the week. Unlike the plastic wrap, the silicone lids are easier to remove from bowls and do not leave any residue on them. They also preserve food longer because they are airtight and do not absorb any odors or flavors.
Transparent Glass Clock Transparent Glass Clock
Amazon Alley Transparent Glass Clock from $79.99 $93.99
The transparent glass clock is the trend of the present times. The simple yet elegant design concept is its biggest attraction. This cool clock is made up of acrylic glass. It shows the time in an extremely unique way, which makes it stand out among all other clocks available in the market.
Nordic Style Flower Pot Nordic Style Flower Pot
Amazon Alley Nordic Style Flower Pot from $96.09 $128.99
Nordic Style Large Flower Pot is perfect for indoor, home and garden use. Nordic Style Large Flower Pot is made of high quality material, which is safe for years of enjoyment. 
Rolling Pin Stamp Rolling Pin Stamp
Amazon Alley Rolling Pin Stamp $29.99 $33.99
This rolling pin stamp is a great gift for a baker looking to add some pizzazz to the kitchen. The rolling pin stamps are available in an array of fun and trendy designs. They're a unique gift for a friend or loved one
Stainless Steel Cat Flask Stainless Steel Cat Flask
Amazon Alley Stainless Steel Cat Flask $39.99 $48.00
The purrfect gift for the hipster, cat-loving friends in your life. This sleek stainless steel flask features a photo of a lovely kitty on one side and holds up to 11.8 ounces of their favorite booze.  
Donut Maker Donut Maker
Amazon Alley Donut Maker $19.99 $25.00
Why buy donuts when you can make it at home? Take this Donut Maker home with you and satisfy your donut cravings anytime. This Donut Maker is easy to use and has a perfect donut shape to help mold and create your yummy donuts. It is also easy to wash and fun to use!
Levitating Planter Pot Levitating Planter Pot
Amazon Alley Levitating Planter Pot from $194.99 $259.99
Bring your plants to life with this revolutionary planter, which levitates the roots of your trees and plants above the soil. This unique system uses magnetic fields to suspend your roots in mid-air, offering an alternative to traditional planter pots that might leave you unsatisfied. It's sure to be a conversation starter at any dinner party!
Cable Organizer Cable Organizer
Amazon Alley Cable Organizer from $12.99 $17.99
This cable management solution is great for organizing your cables, cords, wires, chargers, ear buds...etc. The design allows you to wrap up the cables neatly without tangling. It keeps your desk tidy and organized.
at home bar kit cocktail set
Amazon Alley At Home Bar Kit from $30.00 $40.00
The At Home Bar Kit is a simple solution to a complex problem. It’s a step-by-step guide that will have you slinging drinks with the best of them in no time. You’ll have everything you need for an incredible home bar, all delivered conveniently to your door.  
Tower Crystals Tower Crystals
Amazon Alley Tower Crystals from $26.99 $31.99
Tower Crystals are natural stone crystals that come in a variety of different shades. The Tower Crystals are all cut to be flat on the bottom and rough on the top, which means they can be used for decoration or can even double as paper weights. Tower Crystals are not considered rare; they are easily obtained through mining. They are also commonly used by crystal healers.
Ice Ball Mold Ice Ball Mold
Amazon Alley Ice Ball Mold from $12.99 $16.99
The best way to make ice balls is with this unique and fun ice ball mold. It comes with different colors and 2 shapes to choose from. Perfect for your home and for making ice balls for your drinks.  
Reusable Coffee Pod Reusable Coffee Pod
Amazon Alley Reusable Coffee Pod $23.99 $31.99
Prefer your coffee without the guilt? The reusable coffee pod lets you enjoy your morning cup of joe in the most eco-friendly way possible, and it looks great too. Its lightweight plastic body makes it easy to carry, and its innovative design ensures that there’s no need to throw away used pods. Simply empty out the grounds, rinse, and use again!
Eclectic Ceramic Vase Eclectic Ceramic Vase
Amazon Alley Eclectic Ceramic Vase from $41.99 $55.99
This ceramic vase is an eclectic piece that will add a unique touch to your living space. It is a perfect gift for a friend, a loved one, or even for yourself.
Snack Sealing Clip Snack Sealing Clip
Amazon Alley Snack Sealing Clip $15.99 $18.99
This product is a great accessory for anyone who loves to munch on snacks, but hates the mess that comes with it. The Snack Sealing Clip is a simple device that can help keep your desk clean and your snack fresh. It’s perfect for kids, students, the elderly, anyone really! Just clip it over the bag of your favorite snack and watch as you prevent crumbs from getting all over your desk or computer keyboard.
Mirror Coaster Set Mirror Coaster Set
Amazon Alley Mirror Coaster Set $42.99 $50.00
Hold your drink securely in this set of three glass coasters. A great gift for any holiday or special occasion, it’s also a nice way to add an extra touch of class to the next dinner party you attend.
Portable Steamer Portable Steamer
Amazon Alley Portable Steamer $60.99 $82.00
Any time you need to get the wrinkles out of something, you can grab your Portable Steamer and make it happen. This compact steamer is the perfect size for travel, and is very easy to use. It’s cute and functional. There’s no reason not to grab this if you need a quick way to get out wrinkles in your clothes or other fabrics.   The Portable Steamer features an Electronic Pump System that prevents water from leaking. It uses an innovative heating core to increase the evaporation rate, with stronger penetrating. Constant temperature softening at 150°C keeps clothes straight and smooth, innovative 360° technology, no water spots left behind.   ⏩️ ELIMINATE STUBBORN WRINKLESThe hand-held steam iron uses a trigger button to effectively remove wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is not only for clothes but also for curtains, tablecloths, bedding, sofas, etc. ⏩️ CLEANING FUNCTIONHigh temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt, and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products, scrub the surface of objects. ⏩️ LARGE TITANIUM PANELIt is smooth and a cover more area can be shaped quickly after spraying with water mist without damaging your clothes. ⏩️ LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANKThe transparent large-capacity water tank capacity is 100ml. You can see the water level at any time and iron more pieces at one time. ⏩️ IRONINGHigh-temperature strong steam can easily ironing clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc. in particular, the need for vertical ironing clothes, and all fiber.
Portable Juicer Portable Juicer
Amazon Alley Portable Juicer $79.99 $91.99
Portable Juicer is the most delicious way to get your daily dose of nutrients. With an easy, compact design, this juicer is perfect for travel or home use. The powerful motor extracts fresh juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds. Plus, its extra-wide mouth accommodates practically any fruit or vegetable so you can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious juices every day. 304 stainless steel four-leaf cutter head3D spoiler four-blade knife set, mixing at high speed and delicate. Hidden design, safe and durable. It can work 12 times with one charge Built-in 2 1300mAh lithium-ion batteries, continuous fresh squeezing up to 12 cups under full power. Tуре-C interface, rechargeable everywhereType-C universal interface, supports USB charging, delicious and uninterrupted power. Double-click to clean, free your handsPress the power button twice continuously, the water spout is self-cleaning, and the automatic cleaning is completed in 35 seconds. Removable sealing ring, easy to cleanThe main sealing ring of the knife seat adopts a detachable design, which can be easily removed and cleaned directly, and it is not easy to hide dirt. Food contact grade Tritan cup bodyThe cup body is made of food contact grade Tritan material. The cup body is thickened, the thickest part is up to 5mm, and it is transparent and clean and easy to clean.
Pumpkin Pattern Mug Pumpkin Pattern Mug
Amazon Alley Pumpkin Pattern Mug $29.99 $35.00
It's not always easy to start the day. Sometimes you just need a little extra encouragement to get you going! With this cool little Pumpkin Pattern Mug, there's no way you can't get out of bed and face the world! Before you know it, the day will be over and done with!
Modern Bust Vase Modern Bust Vase
Amazon Alley Modern Bust Vase $64.99 $98.99
I am the vase that will sit on your desk and will cheer you up when you are down. I am the vase that will make your desk look less dull. You can put flowers on me or use me as desk decor. I am the perfect gift for any occasion!
Modern Fruit Bowl Modern Fruit Bowl
Amazon Alley Modern Fruit Bowl $38.99 $44.99
Classically designed, our bowl makes the perfect fruit bowl or simply serves as a stylish centerpiece on your coffee or cocktail table. Durable, versatile, and available in four colors, the Modern Fruit Bowl is an excellent addition to your home decor.
Gold House Number Sign Gold House Number Sign
Amazon Alley Gold House Number Sign $59.99 $59.99
Walk up to any house and feel like a million dollars. The gold house number sign will make your home look more valuable and impressive.
Retro Floral Pillow Cover Retro Floral Pillow Cover
Amazon Alley Retro Floral Pillow Cover $36.99 $62.99
The Retro Floral Pillow Cover is a simple yet stylish piece perfect for any home décor. This vibrant decorative pillow cover will add a pop of color and personality to any space it adorns. A must-have item for every home, the pillow cover features an original floral pattern. Bring a touch of style and sophistication to your space with this charming pillow cover!