Anti-Slip Baby Socks Anti-Slip Baby Socks
Amazon Alley Anti-Slip Baby Socks $20.99 $24.99
The Anti-Slip Baby Socks provides a safer and smoother surface for your little one to crawl around or walk on. The anti-slip cups firmly covers the whole foot from heel to toe, including the sole and toe area, thereby providing great traction to help keep crawling babies or new walkers from slipping in the hardwood floors or any smooth surfaces.
Baby Bottle Warmer Baby Bottle Warmer
Amazon Alley Baby Bottle Warmer $18.99 $23.99
Insulated bag with sleeve-like hold heats up baby's bottle using a rechargeable battery. This simple technology and obvious space saver is exactly what mommy needs. Features: Heat preservation when eating Good heat preservation effect Safety voltage 5v Any milk bottle can use it Convenient to carry out
Baby Carrier Shirt Baby Carrier Shirt
Amazon Alley Baby Carrier Shirt $35.99 $66.00
 The Baby Carrier Shirt is your stylish and comfortable solution to bonding with your baby. Our shirt promotes active bonding, is built for comfort, is made of high-quality and safe materials, and it's scientifically necessary!
Baby Gift Set Baby Gift Set
Amazon Alley Baby Gift Set from $52.99 $60.99
Here’s everything you need for the newest addition to your family. From the moment they’re born, these products will make your job as a parent easier. You can even give them as gifts for new parents to show them how much you care. Features: Derived from natural wood Lightweight and portable Exquisite gift box packaging Smooth cloth texture 
Baby Milestone Set Baby Milestone Set
Amazon Alley Baby Milestone Set from $27.99 $37.99
Celebrate your baby's milestone with the Baby Milestone Set! Make your celebrations for your baby's first everything memorable and wonderful! The Baby Milestone Set comes with blocks that have writings for the baby's first 2 weeks, 3 weeks, Easter, Halloween and many more. It is perfect for taking photos of your baby in celebrating his/her special event! Features: Light weight Manually polished Made from natural wood Eco-friendly
Baby Pacifier Clip & Teether Baby Pacifier Clip & Teether
Amazon Alley Baby Pacifier Clip & Teether $20.99 $24.99
Protect your baby's pacifier from being lost with this trendy and attractive pacifier clips and teether. This unique clip and teether is designed to keep your baby's pacifier and teether close and within reach at all times. It is easy to use, just clip it onto the clothes of your baby. It comes with a silicone teether that can be used as an alternative to a traditional teether.
Cloth Baby Diapers Cloth Baby Diapers
Amazon Alley Cloth Baby Diapers $22.99 $26.99
 Cloth diapers are the way to go. They are not just eco-friendly, but economical. Our reusable, eco-friendly diaper is constructed from super soft, durable and absorbent materials that are gentle for your baby's delicate skin. 
Color Spectrum Blocks Color Spectrum Blocks
Amazon Alley Color Spectrum Blocks $87.99 $116.99
Ignite your little one's color and shape recognition with these transparent figures encased in natural wood. Stimulate discovery while engaging sensory and hand-eye coordination skills. Colorfully distinctive; this set will likely transition to shelf art when they're all grown up.
Colorful Swaddle Set Colorful Swaddle Set
Amazon Alley Colorful Swaddle Set $83.99 $96.99
A must-have for parents, this Colorful Swaddle Set features a variety of colors, patterns and designs that are sure to bring delight to every parent. In addition, the set is large enough to wrap your baby in a comfortable and secure blanket at all times. The swaddle set is soft enough for your baby's skin and keeps him or her comfortable even when sleeping. You can use it in a crib or a stroller.
Domino Train Block Toy Domino Train Block Toy
Amazon Alley Domino Train Block Toy $50.99 $67.99
Train your kids to think critically, explore their creativity, and build responsibility. Introduce them to engineering with this fun toy that is both easy to use and endlessly interactive! Kids love building their very own Domino Train Block Track. Domino Train is 100% complete with all the materials needed to get started. It features a train, 60 pieces of dominos- and a whole lot of fun!
Electrical Nasal Aspirator for Baby Electrical Nasal Aspirator for Baby
Amazon Alley Electrical Nasal Aspirator for Baby $124.99 $165.99
We all know how frustrating it is to have a congested baby. It's even worse to have a congested baby that refuses to sleep! No worries, the Electrical Nasal Aspirator for Baby is here to help. This device tackles congestion by gently removing mucus from the nose without that unpleasant sensation.
Memory Foam Baby Pillow Memory Foam Baby Pillow
Amazon Alley Memory Foam Baby Pillow $26.99 $35.99
The Memory Foam Baby Pillow is a baby pillow with a unique to design to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome for your baby. The concave hole in the center helps in keeping the baby's head straight. It protects the baby's neck and shapes a perfect head form. It also is soft and comfortable to use.
Minimalist Crib Storage Minimalist Crib Storage
Amazon Alley Minimalist Crib Storage $25.99 $29.99
Trendy, modern and sophisticated, this Minimalist Crib Storage is the ultimate way to store your little one’s things. A convenient place to store all of your baby’s belongings in an organized manner.
Mommy and Me Matching Shirts Mommy and Me Matching Shirts
Amazon Alley Mommy and Me Matching Shirts from $13.99 $18.99
Introducing a great way to get your little one involved in the shopping experience. Your kids will be so excited to match you in our Mommy and Me Matching Shirts that they'll fall in love with them just as much as you have. With a nice quality designs for both mommy and child, we're sure this shirts are a perfect match just for you.
Montessori Stacking Rainbow Montessori Stacking Rainbow
Amazon Alley Montessori Stacking Rainbow from $34.99 $45.99
The Montessori Stacking Rainbow is a unique stacking toy that can help them develop their problem solving skills, color, shape and size recognition, critical thinking skills and the list goes on! It is made of high quality, food safe silicone that is soft for the gums and safe for the baby.  Features:  Made with Food Grade Silicone, safe to chew and bite Develop baby's hands-on ability Has rich colors that can attract the baby Develop baby's color perception Multi-function Develop baby's shape recognition      
Multifunctional Baby Backpack with Bottle Heater Multifunctional Baby Backpack with Bottle Heater
Amazon Alley Multifunctional Baby Backpack with Bottle Heater $96.99 $128.99
The Multifunctional Baby Backpack is a useful tool for parents' to store all their baby's needs wherever they travel. It has large storage capacity to store both parent's and baby's needs. It has safe pockets to keep your phone, wallet, etc. It also has a charging port for you to charge your phone. It also has an area where you can store heat your baby's feeding bottle. You won't have to go into the difficulty in carrying your and your baby's needs when traveling anymore!
Muslin Baby Swaddle Muslin Baby Swaddle
Amazon Alley Muslin Baby Swaddle from $23.99 $31.99
Looking for a baby swaddle blanket that's soft, breathable and easy to use? Then look no further than this ultra-soft, lightweight muslin baby swaddle blanket from Amazon Alley. Made from 100% cotton muslin, it's ideal for swaddling newborns and infants. It also makes a great play mat, stroller cover and nursing cover.  
Natural Baby Bonnet Natural Baby Bonnet
Amazon Alley Natural Baby Bonnet $19.99 $22.99
The Natural Baby Bonnet is a stylish and natural alternative to the traditional baby bonnet. You'll find comfort as well as style as you dress your little one in our 100% cotton, handcrafted bonnets.
Nordic Pacifier Clip Teether Nordic Pacifier Clip Teether
Amazon Alley Nordic Pacifier Clip Teether $19.99 $22.99
Nordic pacifier teething clips are a safe way to soothe your baby's painful sore gums and help with the teething process. Made with high quality and food grade silicone, these teething clips can be attached to your baby's clothing or blankets, preventing them from getting lost. Features: Easy to clean Safe to use Natural Wood Food Grade Silicone High Temperature Sterlilization¬† ÔĽŅ- Food grade silicone is resistant to high temperature and does not deform
Organic Romper Organic Romper
Amazon Alley Organic Romper $42.99 $56.99
Fashion does not have to be complicated! This Organic baby romper is the perfect outfit for your little one. Great for everyday wear or photo-shoot day. Made of 100% organic cotton, this romper will keep your little one comfortable and fashionable!  
Personalized Baby Onesie Personalized Baby Onesie
Amazon Alley Personalized Baby Onesie $68.99 $91.99
Say hello to the coolest baby onesie out there! The Personalized Baby Onesie will make your kid stand out in a crowd. The best part is, you can customize it with their name, so they'll never forget who they are. This one-of-a-kind infants clothing is great for every occasion and has the ability to make even the grouchiest babies smile.
Personalized Children's Bracelet Personalized Children's Bracelet
Amazon Alley Personalized Children's Bracelet $29.99 $34.99
As a parent, you know that your child is your whole world. The gift that you'd give them is the gift that they'll treasure forever. Give them a gift they won't forget! Choose from our array of gold children's bracelets and engrave a heir name onto it for them. You can choose from a range of styles for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Features Personalized Name - You can customize the bracelet with you kid's name on it. Their name on the bracelet will make them feel even more special and loved by you. Adjustable - Kids grow up so fast but no need to worry about the bracelet not fitting them anymore because the Personalized Children's Bracelet has a chain extender to make sure that it still fits them for a longer time. Durable and safe - The Personalized Children's Bracelet is delicately braided and made of non-abrasive material. It will not cause any skin irritations for your kids even if they are wearing it for a long time. Perfect Gift - The Personalized Children's Bracelet is a perfect gift for your children in any occasion. Be it birthdays, Christmas, and many more!
Portable Baby Crib Portable Baby Crib
Amazon Alley Portable Baby Crib from $162.00 $186.99
 The portable baby crib is a safe and convenient way to care for your little one on long trips or days out with the family. The crib folds flat, making it easy to carry from place to place. It features a comfortable mattress with a removable cover and a safety strap.  
Soft Silicone Sippy Cup Soft Silicone Sippy Cup
Amazon Alley Soft Silicone Sippy Cup $26.99 $35.99
This Soft Silicone Sippy Cup is made of 100% Food Grade Silicon which is safe and easy to hold for the baby. It also comes with nice shapes and colors that you and your baby will definitely love. You can also take the Soft Silicone Sippy Cup anywhere, anytime to feed your little one.
Swaddle and Matching Bow Swaddle and Matching Bow
Amazon Alley Swaddle and Matching Bow $39.99 $52.99
Welcome to the world sweet baby! Let us help you celebrate your arrival with our trendy swaddle and matching bow. It is made of high quality fabric, ensuring that you will have a comfortable, well rested sleep every night. This swaddle is fully breathable, keeping your little one cozy without overheating. Don't wait to order yours!
Swimming Baby Bath Toy Swimming Baby Bath Toy
Amazon Alley Swimming Baby Bath Toy $15.99 $18.99
A new baby toy trend, the swimming baby bath toy is a fun toy for babies and children. It is so much fun for kids. The swimming baby bath toys can swim in the water. They come in various animal shapes that children will love to play with, including a turtle, a penguin, and a hippo.
Trendy Daisy Toddler Set Trendy Daisy Toddler Set
Amazon Alley Trendy Daisy Toddler Set from $31.99 $42.99
Our Trendy Daisy clothes set is perfect for your little one. These clothes come in all sorts of colors, and sizes to fit your needs. With these soft materials, your toddler will be itch-free and extra comfortable. The Trendy Daisy Toddler Set surely makes your little one look great!
Wood Space Puzzle Wood Space Puzzle
Amazon Alley Wood Space Puzzle $33.99 $42.99
Can't decide what toy to buy for your kid? Get them the Wood Space Puzzle! The Wood Space Puzzle is a fun toy where children can be able to develop their imagination. It allows them to recognize shapes and develop their hand-eye coordination. Not only will they have fun but they will learn as well!