Night Light & Charger Night Light & Charger
Amazon Alley Night Light & Charger $97.99 $130.00
The solution to your nightly wind-down: read, reply messages, then plug in your device. Do all this from your bed! This illumination is designed to be that sweet spot of natural day/night light assistance for just about any bedroom. Ideal for students. Features Wireless Charge Light Color Change Fast Charging LED Night Light Atmosphere Light Strong Magnetic Base
Wireless Automatic Hair Curler Wireless Automatic Hair Curler
Amazon Alley Wireless Automatic Hair Curler $111.99 $129.99
Curl your hair anytime, anywhere! No need to find electric sockets to plug in your hair curler. The Wireless Automatic Hair Curler is rechargeable and has different types of settings you can choose depending on how you want your curls to look. It is suitable for all hairstyles. Perfect to have in preparing before parties and events!
Electric Mug Warmer Electric Mug Warmer
Amazon Alley Electric Mug Warmer $39.99 $46.00
No need to worry about having your coffee or tea getting cold! It's annoying to have your hot drink get cold, but you don't have to deal with that problem anymore because the Electric Mug Warmer will change it all!  The Electric Mug Warmer is used to warm beverages such as coffee, tea, etc. It keeps drinks warm. It has 3 different temperature options for you to choose the preferred temperature for your beverage. It is easy to use and USB rechargeable. You can charge with your laptop, computer or anything that has a USB port.
Home Air Purifier Home Air Purifier
Amazon Alley Home Air Purifier $133.99 $155.00
Are you sneezing a lot at home lately? Allergic to pets? Home Air Purifier will save your worries. The Home Air Purifier helps in getting rid of airborne bacteria, dirt and dust in your home that can cause illnesses or diseases. It can also get rid of smoke, pollen and dander. It allows you to have better breathing and a healthier and safer home.  Capture 99.97 % of Airborne particles Pollen Dust Smoke Hair Bacteria Dander Easy To Install 1. Flip it upside down and remove the filter cover2. Install the filter3. Place the cover on the purifier How to use: 1. Press Once - Turn on the purifier and light one. 2. Press Twice - Press it again for Sleep Mod, half of light off, and it will turn off automatically after 8 hours use. 3. Press Thrice - Turn off the purifier. 4.Press Four times  - Stop Running.
Digital Measuring Spoons Digital Measuring Spoons
Amazon Alley Digital Measuring Spoons $20.99 $25.00
If you love cooking, it's important for you to have the exact measurement of the weight of your ingredients and that's why the Digital Measuring Spoon is the one you need. The Digital Measuring Spoon is a spoon that accurately measures food weight. It has a high precision strain gauge sensor system that is capable to read weight from 0.1 gram to 500 gram capacity. It can hold both solid and liquid. Can be used for: Cooking & Baking Coffee, tea and spices Dog / Cat Food Medicines and Vitamins Baby Food Liquid Seasoning
Screen Amplifier Screen Amplifier
Amazon Alley Screen Amplifier $28.99 $40.00
Stylish, professional, durable. With this sleek Screen Amplifier you can watch shows or movies as if your screen were 1.8x larger than it actually is! Don't go through life squinting at your smartphone anymore, give yourself a break with the Screen Amplifier by Amazon Alley. This nifty device clips on to any phone and magnifies the screen so you can read it without straining your eyes.
360 automatic toothbrush 360 Degree Electric Toothbrush
Amazon Alley UltraBrisk Toothbrush from $14.99 $19.99
Supersonic technology delivers 32,000 vibrations. The built-in timer ensures that you reach your tooth whitening goals. Waterproof. AA battery required. Choice of 3 colors
Portable Waist Massager
Amazon Alley Portable Waist Massager $108.99 $125.99
Don't let back pain get in the way of your active lifestyle! This portable waist massager provides deep, vigorous vibrations to target trouble spots in your back, abs, chest and shoulders. It's lightweight design makes it easy to use at home or while traveling.  
Portable Thermal Printer Portable Thermal Printer
Amazon Alley Portable Thermal Printer $96.99 $111.99
The Portable Thermal Printer uses direct thermal technology to print pictures, tags/labels and templates without having the cost of expensive inkjet cartridges. You can bring the Portable Thermal Printer anywhere and you can use it anytime.  
LED Selfie Light LED Selfie Light
Amazon Alley LED Selfie Light $15.99 $18.99
A LED light that clips onto your phone to help you take better selfies. The built-in stand allows the light to sit at any angle so you can conveniently take pictures of yourself, group shots, or selfie video. Features: 1. Ring Selfie light: high-diffusion and light-transmitting mask design, LED multi-source intensive distribution, so that the filling light is uniform, and the supplementary light is more low-key and beautiful. 2. Rechargeable USB cable: This ring light includes a built-in rechargeable battery, so no extra battery is needed. Save money, no need to replace annoying batteries. 3. Humanized design: silicone gel scratch-resistant design, it can be placed on the collar, sun visor, tent, backpack, mobile phone, bicycle stand, glass surface, etc. 4. Multiple uses: This light has a wild range of use, and can be used for selfies, cosmetics, reading, camping lights, light selection, cycling and flash running. 5. Clip design: This fill light has a clip design, which can be easily installed and is very convenient to install.
Portable Steamer Portable Steamer
Amazon Alley Portable Steamer $60.99 $82.00
Any time you need to get the wrinkles out of something, you can grab your Portable Steamer and make it happen. This compact steamer is the perfect size for travel, and is very easy to use. It’s cute and functional. There’s no reason not to grab this if you need a quick way to get out wrinkles in your clothes or other fabrics.   The Portable Steamer features an Electronic Pump System that prevents water from leaking. It uses an innovative heating core to increase the evaporation rate, with stronger penetrating. Constant temperature softening at 150°C keeps clothes straight and smooth, innovative 360° technology, no water spots left behind.   ⏩️ ELIMINATE STUBBORN WRINKLESThe hand-held steam iron uses a trigger button to effectively remove wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is not only for clothes but also for curtains, tablecloths, bedding, sofas, etc. ⏩️ CLEANING FUNCTIONHigh temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt, and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products, scrub the surface of objects. ⏩️ LARGE TITANIUM PANELIt is smooth and a cover more area can be shaped quickly after spraying with water mist without damaging your clothes. ⏩️ LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANKThe transparent large-capacity water tank capacity is 100ml. You can see the water level at any time and iron more pieces at one time. ⏩️ IRONINGHigh-temperature strong steam can easily ironing clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc. in particular, the need for vertical ironing clothes, and all fiber.
Portable Juicer Portable Juicer
Amazon Alley Portable Juicer $79.99 $91.99
Portable Juicer is the most delicious way to get your daily dose of nutrients. With an easy, compact design, this juicer is perfect for travel or home use. The powerful motor extracts fresh juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds. Plus, its extra-wide mouth accommodates practically any fruit or vegetable so you can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious juices every day. 304 stainless steel four-leaf cutter head3D spoiler four-blade knife set, mixing at high speed and delicate. Hidden design, safe and durable. It can work 12 times with one charge Built-in 2 1300mAh lithium-ion batteries, continuous fresh squeezing up to 12 cups under full power. Tуре-C interface, rechargeable everywhereType-C universal interface, supports USB charging, delicious and uninterrupted power. Double-click to clean, free your handsPress the power button twice continuously, the water spout is self-cleaning, and the automatic cleaning is completed in 35 seconds. Removable sealing ring, easy to cleanThe main sealing ring of the knife seat adopts a detachable design, which can be easily removed and cleaned directly, and it is not easy to hide dirt. Food contact grade Tritan cup bodyThe cup body is made of food contact grade Tritan material. The cup body is thickened, the thickest part is up to 5mm, and it is transparent and clean and easy to clean.