Content pregnancy-pillow

1.It is made by natural and pure cotton materials. 
2.It is comfortable for us to detach the liner and use PP cotton to fill. 
3.It adopts the end bending design so as to maintain our feet to separate naturally. 
4.The backrest design is soft and comfortable. 
5.It has a large size in order to meet the needs of customers. 

Pillow: Pure Cotton  
Liner: Thickened Nonwoven Fabric 
Filler: PP Cotton 
Size: 70x130cm/27.5x51.1" 
Color: Pink, White, Sky Blue, Green, Light Camel, Purple 

The pillow can relive the neck fatigue; 
The waist protection belt design can hold the arm; 
The slope support abdomen design can hold the foot, buttock and the hip.